Festival Ambassador


Being a part of the Jakarta Film Week is one of the excitements I have been anticipating. In the past, I majored in film and television at a vocational high school (SMK). At that time, I often came to festivals and attended workshops. At the festivals, I felt I had learned a lot, beyond what I had learned in school. Through film festivals, I was able to meet face-to-face with filmmakers and people involved in the film industry. This time, as the festival ambassador of the Jakarta Film Week, I want to invite people around, especially the younger generation, to know more about what a film festival is. Meanwhile, as an actor, for me personally, this film festival has two important roles. On the one hand, when we are present as participants, we become aware of how filmmakers process things. Or you can watch actors talk about their various roles. For actors, this can help us understand the depth of character, and enrich knowledge in acting. On the other hand, when actors present as speakers, they can share stories about the role they have played. They can show different sides of themselves on this occasion. Through film festivals, films and their actors get a wider stage or opportunity to meet their audience. Moreover, the Jakarta Film Week is an international film festival. We can learn more about the film industry of other countries through this festival. We also have the opportunity to watch films from overseas, so that we can enrich our perspective on the international film industry. I would like to invite everyone to come to the Jakarta Film Week to become more familiar with and to get to know what a film festival is all about, and how a film festival works. Because from there, we can get new knowledge. Maybe this festival will be a starting point for anyone to be interested and eventually get involved in the Indonesian film industry. Furthermore, with the rising momentum after the pandemic, I hope that the Jakarta Film Week can provide a fresh and constructive experience for colleagues in the film industry and for everyone who is interested in the world of cinema, especially for the younger generation.


Shenina Cinnamon