Foreword by the Festival Director





First of all, we really appreciate the initiative from the Jakarta Provincial Tourism and Creative Economy Office which has organized the Jakarta Film Week, an international film festival. Held in the midst of a pandemic, our passion is to bring the Jakarta Film Week into an actual and relevant festival with the current situation, which demands adaptability to new developments in the world of cinema, from storytelling, artistic, as well as technical and technological to distribution aspects. 

In this first year, we carry the theme of Going The Distance, a spirit of overcoming the distance created in a pandemic where we are faced with limitations. This theme depicts the spirit to remain strong and to keep moving forward to continue to create, produce, and inspire through film works. This period has given birth to a new generation that is more adept at dealing with situations. This generation deserves to be given the space through this festival, a generation that is able to inspire new ways to survive and thrive in the new post-pandemic era. 

We hope that the Jakarta Film Week can be a breath of fresh air for national film actors by presenting quality films both at home and abroad to meet the audience. As well as being a meeting hub for idea discovery and collaboration that are interconnected. With the presence of filmmakers and films from various countries, we can foster and develop creative industry networks in order to build togetherness in adapting to new developments in the post-pandemic film world. And through the Jakarta Film Fund program, Jakarta Film Week also offers a space for education and facilitation of new talents who are the roots of the National film industry. 

In this first episode, we bring together many parties who have the same ideals in building the film ecosystem. Jakarta Film Week is a form of support for efforts to rebuild Indonesian cinema after the pandemic, as well as the momentum for the rise of the creative industry in Jakarta. 

On behalf of the entire team that organizes the Jakarta Film Week, we would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to the Jakarta Government and its Provincial Tourism and Creative Economy Office, the judges, curators, filmmakers, film artists, and our collaborators, supporters, and partners.


Rina Damayanti

Festival Director