Foreword by the Jakarta Governor





Films have great influences on people’s lives. Not only entertaining, they can also inspire, awaken, inspire and move. When the film industry is impacted by the pandemic, it is as if something is missing in our lives.

That is why the Jakarta Film Week event has become a new oasis that gives hope that we will be able to rise again and live in a new normal. The Jakarta Film Week serves as a momentous reminder that film works and creativity can still survive the extremely challenging conditions.

We hope that the Jakarta Film Week will convey the message that Jakarta has an important festival that supports the revival of the film industry after the pandemic. Encouraging Indonesian films to be hosted in their own country and charm the international world as guests.

As people’s lives enter the new normal, the film industry can also take advantage of this momentum to not only move forward but jump far ahead with innovations and new ideas. This moment of revival needs to be colored by the emergence of new filmmaker talents from the country. Hopefully, the Jakarta Film Week will serve as one of the enablers.

Finally, I hope that the Jakarta Film Week will not only promote the comeback of the domestic film industry but will also be a driving force for the reawakening of the nation’s spirit. Because films can give this nation a boost of self-confidence.

Deepest appreciation to everyone involved. Enjoy the festival!


Anies Rasyid Baswedan

Governor of Jakarta