Foreword by the Jakarta Provincial Office




The revival of Indonesian cinema in 1998 brings a new perspective that this industry has progressed and changed for the better. The growth seems promising. Therefore, a film festival will likely contribute to the vibrant growth of the Indonesian film industry, especially in Jakarta. For that purpose, the Jakarta Provincial Government strongly supports the film industry and its actors through the presence of an international festival. The Jakarta Film Week is here, and we hope it will be a place for creativity to form, and for audiences and filmmakers to meet. The gathering of film lovers and filmmakers is also expected to lead the growth of the industry in a better direction. The film festival is expected to be a place to find new talents so that they can continue to produce high-quality films.

Therefore, it is very important for a city like Jakarta to host a film festival so that there is a medium for appreciation and education that has a major contribution to the development of the film industry. This is the time for the capital to have a continuous film appreciation and education event, as well as special attention to the development of the film industry, both in terms of creative, aesthetic, and technical, through the Jakarta Film Week. The Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Office provides ongoing support for the festival, firstly because of the crucial role that the city of Jakarta plays in the film industry in Indonesia. A number of Indonesian film stakeholders are located in Jakarta, ranging from production houses, exhibition companies, educational institutions, human resources (HR) who are members of the association of film professionals, to film facilities and infrastructure located in Jakarta such as studios, equipment rentals, shooting locations, and so forth. The Jakarta Film Week is expected to be a place for Indonesian film industry players, especially those in Jakarta, to develop well and become an example for other regions to further improve the quality of the film industry.

As a form of support, the Jakarta Provincial Tourism and Creative Economy Office plays an important role in Jakarta Film Fund program. It is a competition of story ideas for making short films that are expected to support the promotion of tourism in Jakarta. The five finalists received production, technical, and training support. Of the total story idea proposals that have been registered and have gone through a curation process, 10 selected story idea proposals are entitled to participate in the pitching forum. As a result, 5 proposals for story ideas have been selected as finalists to be facilitated further to produce their films.

In addition to the Jakarta Film Fund, the Jakarta Film Week will also conduct film screenings, Masterclass which is a training program for professionals in the film industry with experienced speakers in the international film industry, Talks which is a public discussion that brings innovative and experienced panelists to talk about cinema adaptation during the pandemic and Jakarta from a film point of view, Community which is a space for the film community to expand networks and exchange knowledge with experts for the development of film projects and organizations, and Exhibition and Showcase, which are exhibition and meeting spaces for film professionals, technology initiatives, investors and audiences.

We hope this festival will be appreciated by filmmakers and film lovers and be a momentum for the reawakening of the film industry post-pandemic.


Andhika Permata

Head of Tourism and Creative Economy Department