Two Fishes and A Dish

Production Year
Running Time
25 Minutes


One morning in the village, a woman, 30, came to the house she used to live in. It was quiet until she saw a man named Rosman, 25, cooking in the kitchen, and Paimo, 32, her husband, preparing to harvest fish from the pond. They engage in an awkward conversation that leads them to a shocking fact in one day.


Bioskop Date Time
CGV Grand Indonesia Minggu, November 21 2021 14 : 20 - Audi 7


Bani Nasution
Bani Nasution was born in March 1989, graduated from ISI Surakarta and is currently pursuing a career as a director, scriptwriter, editor, and producer for his own short films. He founded LiarLiar Films in 2011 based in Solo. Some of his films have been screened ranging from local film festivals to international film festivals. His first short documentary entitled ‘Along One Way Road’ won several national and international awards. In his spare time, he works as a freelance filmmaker, and since the pandemic has studied gardening, and has created an independent film magazine called Cinémanic with several colleagues.