Road to Jakarta Film Week

Program Description

Road to Jakarta Film Week is a pre-festival event that screens four thematic films selected by curators representing their respective fields of expertise. The curators of Road to Jakarta Film Week 2021 are Nia Dinata (director), Asmara Abigail (actor), and Amir Siregar (critic). The selected films will depict Jakarta in cinema originating from three time periods, namely 1950-1969, 1970-1989, 1990-2010. In addition to the depiction of the capital city, the curators also considered the aesthetic approach and the socio-political conditions of the periods and their impact on the development of film in Indonesia.


Nia Dinata
Nia Dinata founded Kalyana Shira Films in 2000. Her first film, Cabaukan, helped revive
Indonesian cinema in that era. Nia won the best director award at the Brussels International Film Festival for the film Berbagi Suami, which also won the Best Film at the Hawaii International Film Festival. In October 2021, Nia released a feature film for international OTT entitled "A World Without", which was shot during the Covid-19 pandemic by promoting the Covid-19 prevention health protocol in accordance with national and local government regulations.
Asmara Abigail
Asmara Abigail is a model and actress who made her role debut in the film Setan Jawa, by director Garin Nugroho. Asmara gained popularity from her role as Darminah, in Pengabdi Setan by director Joko Anwar. Asmara has also played roles in several other films ever since, such as Gundala and Perempuan Tanah Jahanam by director Joko Anwar. Asmara completed her master's degree with cum laude in Marketing & Branding for Luxury Products in 2014.
Amir Siregar
Amir Syarif Siregar is the editor-in-chief of Flick Magazine website. He regularly writes about films on his personal blog Amir at the Movies. Amir is the first online film critic from the Asia Pacific to become a member of the Online Film Critics Society – the world's largest group of internet film critics based in the United States – from 2011 until now.

List Film

Asrama Dara
Asrama Dara tells the story of the life problems of the dormitory which are packaged musically. The twists of a love quadrilateral, a child who is neglected by his parents, to a one-sided love, are all told beautifully from each resident. Usmar Ismail's masterpiece film stared by Aminah Cendrakasih, Rendra Karno, Suzanna, Chitra Dewi, and a series of other actors.

Usmar Ismail
My Love in the Flats
Cintaku di Rumah Susun is a sketch about living in a flat whose diversely inhabited. Somad who is old enough but prohibited from dating by his grandfather, Zuleha who likes to seduce Somad but turns out she is a mistress from a bandit and a triangle love that leads to misunderstanding.

Nya' Abbas Akup
Opera Jakarta
Joko who is raised by his grandmother without knowing his mother grows into a popular boxer. A woman, Rum, who is going to married runs away from home and falls in love with Joko or more popular as Yoko. Yoko, who has become increasingly popular, has now also become a symbol of young people's defiance, thus becoming the target of many parties.

A film that tells the love story of 5 couples, Nugroho and Lestari, Rama and Iin, Awin and Tere, Restu and Dinda, Gilang and Miranda, each with a unique background and an unusual love relationship.

Kabir Bhatia


Talks 1
5 November 2021

Speakers :
1. Nia Dinata - Director & Producer
2. Asmara Abigail - Actor
3. Amir Syarif Siregar - Film Critic

Moderator :
Gietty Tambunan - Film Commitee Jakarta Art Council
Talks 2
6 November 2021

Speakers :
1. Jason Iskandar - Director / Founder of Studio Antelope
2. Permata Adidna - Journalist

Moderator :
Gayatrti Nadya - Film Practitioner
Talks 3
7 November 2021

Speakers :
1. Aryo Danusiri - Cultural Anthropologist
2. Fanny Chotimah - Director

Moderator :
Makbul Mubarak - Director / Screenwriter